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Our National Motto: “In God We Trust”
Oh, how far we have drifted as a nation.
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my ex teacher’s status on facebook.

if i roll my eyes any harder, i’ll sprain something.

my bra wont stay on lmao
Amanda Williams: Well i have pics but they are not on this pc, all i have is the camera. Want me to turn it on??
Me: please don't
Amanda Williams: lmao ofcourse y wouldnt u want to see me?! well let me put something on cuz i am half naked right now brb real quick
Me: b-but i said no
Me: you aren't listening to me
Me: why won't you listen
Amanda Williams: my bra wont stay on lmao
Me: wow that's a problem innit
Amanda Williams: ok visit and we can go 1 on 1 chat. Just click Accept Invite button... I'm ready now but no bra on it broke lol guess my tits are too big
Me: lol
Me: oh girl, same
Amanda Williams: Do you see my video i made dancing in my short shorts?
Me: why is this always about you
Me: you're an awful friend
Amanda Williams: This site is great cuz they have new technology that assures me people can't record me. I dunno what i'd do if my parents saw this lmao
Me: zap them with your robot eye lasers idk
Amanda Williams: fill out your cc info for Age verification ONLY, your credit card will not be charged.. ok i'm ready for u now
Amanda Williams: I'll do anything you want me to do.. Are you watching me? I can't chat with you on the site till you register
Me: will you play homestuck with me
Me: i'll be vriska and you can be terezi
Amanda Williams: babe I'm So Horny right now! Do Whatever You have to, to get in! i'll spank my ass till its red for u!!!



my coworkers all mulled through my sketchbook today

i was an anxious mess

they just kind of came over and were like “oh cool” and i was just like


but i got a bunch of compliments and they liked a lot of the pieces so i will take that as a good confidence boost

ok so

really this is just long overdue

now i can reblog great things and not worry about it clogging up my proper blog

I’ll get a nice header and background tomorrow but it’s late